Archive my mailbox in searchable PDF


Im trying to archive my apple mailboxes into DTPO to help me to find the pdf attachements send to me by email or fax into my mailboxes ( im carpenter and i have to manage loads of fax and email messages from my purveyors ,clients estimates, bills…).
With this i like to put the name of a customer for exemple in the search toolbar and get all the different bills from my few purveyors with a reference of the customer on it. Tath’s the dream and DTPO is 100% the tool do make it come true.
It works pretty good exept that the attachements arent transformed into searchable PDF and the one’s already searchable in my mailbox arent recognised by DTPO.

Sorry for my syntax, i do my best and thanks for your help on this problem.


PDF attachments of emails are not yet indexed and therefore not searchable, you’d have to store them on their own right now.

Thanks for the answer even if it’s not for good news. Is this feature planed for the future?
Could be usefull for a lot of people.
Im building my self made ERP with few good mac programms i found ant tath will be the final cut of it.

Anyway thank for your greath tool.

Best regards.


Sounds goooood!!! I will love to be able to do that.
An other cool thing could be the ability to drag a non indexed pdf into DT and DT will OCR it and index this file… Is it just a dream or could it become real???

There are indeed plans to index attachments (of emails and RTFD) in the future.

That’s a verry good news!!! Hope the future is near!! BTW, what is RTFD?
And another thing… Thanks a lot for this great software (DTPO).

That’s huge for me. My clients are attachment-crazy and I spend hours archiving mail, extracting and reclassifying attachments.

Now, if you could find an intelligent way of indexing that ignores all the “attachments” that are just bits and pieces that come along with Outlook-generated messages and are void of useful content.

Hi, Korm. Reminds me of Henry Kissinger’s comments about his new book on China. Comparing American and Chinese attitudes towards problems, he says that Americans look for a solution, whereas the Chinese think about the problems that will arise because of a solution. :slight_smile:

:wink: 这是一个很好的注释 Bill

Hello, watts’ up about this feature, any schedule?
Im getting tired of trying in many ways to get this function on my mac with other softwares.

Thank for your help.


Hello, it’s me again!
Still no possibility to archive the attachments as searchable pdf?

Im very interested on this feature. Any other program or script to make this possible?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

Best regards.


DEVONthink Pro (Office) 2.3.3 includes a “Add message(s) & attachments to DEVONthink” script, see Scripts menu extra while Apple Mail is active.

Ok, thanks.
I saw and tested the script but it doesn’t index pdf files attached to the mail. And the attached files are also not searchable.
Is there a possibility to index these pdf files?

The script will actually be part of the upcoming version 2.3.4, I’m sorry.