Archiving and Restoring

I have two databases: Cabinet and Archives. I store most of my documents in Cabinet. I want to use Smart Rule to do some automation.

Rule1: If I have not access (Date Opened) for more than 365 days, I will move them to Archives.
Rule2: If I access file in Archives in the past 30 days, I will move them back to Cabinet.

My iCloud Sync store only has Cabinet, not only to save space but also hopefully, faster sync speed, faster access.

Attached is the Smart Rule for Rule2. The problem I have is with Group.

If I only search for Kind is Any Document, the search will not find Group. When the item is moved, it didn’t move the Group. I lost the Grouping. If I include for both Group or Any Document (as in the screenshot), it will create a duplicate document.

For example, I have a Group1 that has file1, file2, file3. If I access file1. The search condition will list two items: file1 and Group1. When I apply the rule, Cabinet will have the whole Group1 with file1, file2, file3. And an additional file1 outside the Group1.

How can I avoid the creation of the duplicate file?
Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 1.26.49 PM

Here’s a simple example how to move an item to the same location in the other database:

First the current location is stored, then the item moved to the destination database and finally filed to the stored location.

WARNING: The demo uses aliases to store the location and therefore might change them.

Thanks. It works. It is filed to the same location in the destination database.

The only problem I faced is the “Change Aliases”. Despite I leave it blank/empty as it is. After I click OK, the placeholder Aliases will be automatically inserted. Thus, the Aliases of the item/document is now same as the Location.

How do I “Change Aliases” to blank/empty like what you showed in the screenshot?

I just used a single space in the last action.

OK. Got it. Thanks. :pray: