Archiving blogger web entries

This may be marginal or even out of scope, but its an oddball scenario some here may have dealt with before.

So it jobs like this:
A decade ago, RPG gaming blogs got together and exchanged gaming content as a kind of a Christmas exchange, using blog posts. After the holiday, this content was compiled into a PDF under Open License terms, in a project they called Secret Santicore. They did this annually for 2011 through 2014, but in 2015, they failed to get a PDF together. They did however compile the individual entries of that year, here:

Note: this content was designed under what is called Old School Revival gaming constraints, and probably contains adult themes.

What i want to do is use Devonthink and/or Devonagent to download these entries, in preparation to create a PDF archive (or multiple ones- 2014 produced 5 volumes). The PDFs for the other years I have collected and uploaded to I’m wanting to complete the set for the 10 year anniversary. These entries were created & collated under Open License terms, so should be kosher targets. They are mostly text, but also have tables, inbeds, and images. Is there a way to use my tools or some trick in accessing Blogspot to get clean copies of these? Mind, there is also a rather lot of them: a simple print to PDF operation for the above link is over 700 pages (and overloads the browser cache).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.