Archiving email in DEVONthinkPro

I have an email archive of 1.3 GB that refuses to open. It takes around 4 minutes to complete the Initializing and Verifying progress bar and then nothing happens. I have to Force Quit DEVONthink. When I look at Get Info it tells me that the archive file has been modified at the time I tried to open it. I have no great difficulty in opening an earlier version of the file that is 1.1 GB in size, but when I added further emails and brought it up to 1.3 GB I have this problem.

the size of the database is still relatively small, this should not be the problem. Something must be wrong with the emails you added in the last step.

First I would try to open the database and wait the long time it takes, then run verify and repair and backup. If this doesn’t work, rebuild the database.

Second try would be to take the old version and add the other emails in smaller steps, verifying and repairing fequently. Maybe you get the bad files this way.

Hope this helps,