Archiving email

I have been trying to archive my email into DTPO for weeks now and it doesn’t work. I am never given the import option after I go through the import, email menu option. The connection keeps timing out. Any ideas out there?

Is there an answer to this? I’m thinking of upgrading from DTP to DTPO just so I can use the archive mail feature. However, if it doesn’t work, then I can see no point in me shelling out my hard-earned cash.

You could download the trial of DEVONthink Pro Office ( as it’s fully compatible to DEVONthink Pro’s databases & preferences and test that email archiving works the way you would expect.

Your emails should be local, not just stored on the network mail server.

It is a good idea to split a large mailbox into multiple smaller ones.

Also, you don’t have to import the entire mailbox at once. Importing smaller batches often proves to be less taxing as a large amount of work is involved in indexing this data as it comes in.