Archiving emails aborts with Exception


I am using DEVONthink Pro Office (2.7.6) and tried to archive mails from Apple Mail (7.3 on mavericks).

The archiving job aborts (after some 1000s mails) with the exception (shown in the protocol window):

20:13:53: E-Mail-Import-Problem [NOTE: this exception originated in the server.]
-[MCAttachment attachmentsByURL]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6100005fa700

From the log (Konsole) or from this failure message I can not find out, which single email causes the problem. So, unfortunately, this prevents me from archiving my mails to DEVONthink (which I have done successfully in the past).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Could you please send the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Console.log to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

What kind of account (e.g. POP3, IMAP, Exchange, local mailbox) did you try to archive? Does it work after rebuilding the mailbox (see Mailbox menu of Apple Menu)?


thank you for your answer. The Log from Devonthink only contains the same Exception message and nothing more. But your hint to try to rebuild the mailbox helped me. Apple Mail crashed during rebuilding the Mailbox, but this time, a full stack trace was dumped to the console - from that I have seen, that the problem happened in “Letter Opener Pro” (a mail plugin) with a mail, which should have had a winmail.dat attachment, but this attachment which was missing (the mail.emlx file was also mangled).

By uninstalling Letter Opener Pro, I was able to delete the mail in question and afterwards the archive job succeeded.

Nevertheless, it would be nice, if Devonthink could catch Exceptions during the archive process and continue archiving instead of aborting the whole job, when there is only a problem with one out of thousand mails…

But for now, it works for me - thank you for your support.