Archiving emails from Outlook using script, gets stuck

I am using add mailbox to Devonthink script to archive my Outlook emails. The process gets stuck at around 70% mark. I have attempted to restart DT and Outlook, but it repeats at the same place. Appreciate any help in troubleshooting this.

Which script do you actually use?

From the Mac menu bar, when Outlook app is active

There are two scripts available for Outlook, which one did you use?

I am using the system-wide Script menu. Add Mailbox to DEVONthink. The problem occurs when I add my Inbox.

How many messages does the inbox contain?


Does the script ever finish after waiting a little longer? Maybe one of the messages is not cached locally and Outlook tries to download it?

I waited 10-20 minutes each time, none of the emails where DT got stuck were heavy. But it’s possible that they were not fully downloaded by Outlook. Let me observe for a few more times, and I will report back if this persists. Thanks!

This issue has been with support for a few weeks now.

I was told in early August that DT team is also looking at the script for Outlook as something has changed in their AppleScript support that’s causing items to misreport their containers.

I have several instances running in the background and it is slowing up DT. My only option is to reboot after every time I sync emails. That’s very frustrating.

Is possible to share the script?