archiving emails in DevonThink

The page … index.html is clear on that DevonThink provides a function to archive emails. However, such a function doesn’t seem to be present, and indeed the manual explains it only for DevonThink Office. Could you tell me how to get DevonThink to do this?


DevonThink Pro Office Help (accessed from within the program) has all the instructions for archiving mail. Once you open the Help file, go to “Getting email and paper in” (at the top of the page). Then click on “Archiving Your Email Correspondence” at the top of the next page. There it will describe the actions to be taken with the different email applications.


Hello Bill, thanks for your reply. As I wrote, I don’t use DevonThink Pro Office, but DevonThink Pro.

I wasn’t quite sure which you use. I don’t think DevonThink Pro will do this. I could be wrong though. On the website in the feature comparison chart it shows that only the Pro Office version will support email archive.


I have Devonthink Office Pro. I have done exactly what the instructions say about 15 times and the connection times out. I am using Apple Mail to bring mail in from Gmail using IMAP. I am trying again…

Is there a “timeout” message - or perhaps the process just taking a very long time? Factors that can cause extend the time for imports are: large mailboxes, selecting multiple mailboxes (or all mailboxes for an account) in the left sidebar of the Import panel, having the group-by-conversation preferences active (see the image, below), having a heavily-threaded mailbox, (lots of conversations), importing trashed messages.

Could you try an experiment to and import select only one or two messages in a single mailbox just to confirm that import works?

Also, in Mail check that Gmail account. Control-click the inbox for the account and “synchronize” it - if, for some reason, Mail has not fully replicated the account down to your local machine, then the DTPO email import can kick off a lot of churn and I/O between your machine and Gmail’s servers. As a last resort, in Mail use Mailbox > Rebuild to reimport the mailbox. That action can take a very long time.