Archiving Folders to an external drive

What happens if I move folder/s to an external database?
This Database is on an external drive and is not being sync to anything.

What happens when I move it? Does it get deleted from the current database and it stops syncing, correct?

What if later(months from now) I decide to bring it back into the database I took it from originally? Does it sync back again like before I moved it?

Im assuming YES!

DTTG: What happens to the folders in the iOS devices?
Both iPhone and iPad are synced with DT3.

iPhone: The folders being moved are currently purged.(not downloaded)

iPad: All folders are downloaded (So basically a mirror of DT3)

If you move items from one synchronized database to a not synchronized database (the location doesn’t matter), then the synchronization should remove the moved items from other devices.

Great! So basically it is like deleting it.

Bring it back later and it is like a new item being imported to a database.

Thank you.

I moved a folder by drag and drop and worked fine, but there is a folder I can’t seem to move, even its subfolders.(By drag and drop)

Any ideas?


Anything logged to Windows > Log?

UUID already in database.

They have the same icon and the same name but almost the same contents but not entirely.

I changed the name TO SEE if I was able to move it then but no still gives me that message "UUID already in database.

its content.

I might have duplicated and move one instance to the archive. and the other kept in one of my current database then I probably added some files.

Is it an email?

NO it wasn’t.

I just deleted one of them and move some files out.