Archiving help request

I just happen to drag a webpages url into devonthink and recognized devonthink recorded a file/record.

My question is what type of file did I create and what is its independence, longevity and flexibility status?

For example if I record pbd into devonthink, the pdf file is transportable beyond the app and the MacOS.

Also, if the file itself is transportable, independent of OS and such, and is considered a format (like PDF) to be long lasting and relevant, is their a keyboard shortcut I can use in safari to put said “new to me” file into devonthink in a manner that allows me to code the file with tags and such. And do so all in one move so when the file lands in devonthink I have completed an one and done archiving move. (which I can do know via command + P followed by a command + p)

Adjacent Nontrivial Nitty-Gritty…
For years (10+) I have been using devonthink as my ‘memory bank’. This similar to how people use pen & paper to doodle and take notes to imprint nuggets of info on to their brain.

You created a bookmark, not a file like a PDF.

You can capture bookmarks via our browser extension and yes, the Web Clipping UI in the Sorter allows you to add tags, add a comment, choose the destination, etc.

got it thanks

No problem.