Archiving help

Hi, Right now i am just using devon think personal for the sole purpose of archiving html pages.

Questions on archiving are the following-

When i spotlight search it, it lists it in my result in ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Devonthink

Is this the actual archived html document location? why is it not found in my database directory?

My database is set for ~/Library/Application Support/Devonthink

Once its archived , is it considered IMPORTED and do i just need to makesure i backup the database file?

The address, ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Devonthink, is that of a cache file created by DEVONthink to “tell” Spotlight the database contents.

That’s not where your captured documents are stored. They are stored in your database folder.

Yes, when you run Tools > Backup & Optimize the current state of your database will have been backed up in an internal Backup folder, inside the database folder.

So when i am looking for a html archive in spotlight, the cache folder is the correct "document’ is am looking for?

(I mean you dont actually view a file in the database per say?)

And to backup the database, i can just use the Apple Backup Quickpick?

No, this is just a cover for the inadequate way Spotlight supports database content. This “document” is a reference to the information in the database. When you “open” such a document it will open a window with the contents of the actual document as stored DEVONthink. You cannot use this Spotlight result for anything else.

You can use this, but make sure DEVONthink is not running at the same time that you are running Backup.