Archiving Mail with DT3 in Sonoma

Hi all,

For years I’ve been archiving my various email mailboxes to a DT database, so that I can delete older email that I still want to keep. I’ve just updated to Sonoma v14.1 (Mail v16.0), and noticed that the DT plugin is no longer installed. Checking DT3, I no longer see an option for installing the Mail plugin. Doing a bit of research, I’ve read that Apple has done away with Mail plugins. With that now in mind, is there a workaround for DT3 to continue to archive email, like I’ve been doing for years?

Cheers, and thanks in advance!

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Please use the search function before posting – this has already been discussed here, even well before Sonoma was even available.

See Help > Tutorials > Handling Email.
And make sure you’ve given DEVONthink Full Disk Access and allowed its Automation requests in System Settings > Privacy & Security.


What I found was from June. It’s now November, so perhaps there’s new information and options, thus my question.

Thanks, Jim. As usual, I appreciate you and your timely answers. (I hope all is great in your world and you’re still clicking away with your cameras, as I am!)

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We’re all doing well and staying busy :slight_smile: