Archiving Outlook Online Archive with DEVONthink

I have DEVONThink setup to archive my Outlook email. However, I also have an ‘Online Archive’ setup with all mail older than two years.

Unfortunately, the Outlook Mail importer does not see the Online Archive folder and include it for archiving. Any suggestions on how I can add my older email to DEVONthink?

Is this folder part of an account used by the What kind of account (e.g. IMAP, Exchange)?

The folder is indeed part of the account. In the Outlook desktop app it looks like this:

In this case, the Outlook importer does not see the ‘Online Archive’ (and maybe it can’t)

A screenshot of the folder hierarchy in View > Sidebar > Import of DEVONthink would be great. By the way, what kind of account do you use?

This is the screenshot of the import section, as requested:
Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 13.47.17

And what kind of account do you use?

Apologies, forgot to mention that this is an Office365 account

The Online Archive appears to be a special mailbox set up in the Enterprise edition. Are you in a corporate environment?

This is indeed a business account, it is the lowest tier business account for Office365

Same problem, the “online archive” folder from my business Office account is not recognised by Devonthink.
Any solution to this problem ?

THX !!!

No, there is nothing to report here.