Are databases self-contained?

Something happened with one of my databases and I need to restore an old copy using Time Machine.

Are databases self-contained (meaning that I can just close the database in DTPO, drag the database into the trash, move the old copy from my hard drive, and open that)?

Anything extra I need to do, in terms of /Library/ folders?

Databases are a type of folder (called a package) that have numerous subfolders containing your document as well as certain files that are useful only to the database. If a database is closed when Time Machine backs it up, then the package is probably copied in its entirety. If not, then the result is less certain. Here is a relevant thread.

I would suggest you do not trash your database until you validate that whatever copy of the database you recover from Time Machine is complete, correct, and has no issues. Archive your older database and set it aside for now.

FWIW, the best way to archive a database is to quit DEVONthink, make an explicit copy of the database with your backup software and make sure that the backups are stored in adequately labeled and dated folders so you know exactly when the database was saved.

Ah that’s a sham. I always back up with DTPO open with Time Machine.

Thing is, I have a database specific for RSS feeds. They are in various states of read and unread.

I opened DTPO today and i found out that all of the feeds had become read (which is shockingly bad). I need to revert to my latest backup, which was a week ago.

No harm in trying. Just don’t trash the existing database until you are sure the database recovered from Time Machine is complete.


In terms of verifying the integrity of the database: Do I just click verify and optimise?

Yes. But also eyeball your data to be sure.