Are directories reread when they change?

When I download PDFs I put them into one of several directories, and I have dragged these directories into DT. When I add files to these directories does DT reread the directories and update its pointers?


The short answer is no. DT doesn’t keep “pointers” to the Finder, except in the Path field of the Info panel of already imported documents. Those paths are “static”.

However, DT Personal has a Synchronization command (File > Synchronize). Here’s the DT Help information:

"Synchronize: This command syncs one or more selected groups or documents with their corresponding folders or files in the file system. To create this link, which is maintained by the “Path” field in the “Info” panel, you have to either freshly import/index your folder of choice, or set the “Path” field correctly yourself.

Select the group(s) and/or document(s) and choose “File > Synchronize” to import all files that have been newly added to the sync’ed folder(s) in the file system. Note: The synchronization is one-way only, from the file system to the database, not vice versa."

Always remember that such synchronization is one-way.

I’ll have to confess that I don’t use Synchronize myself, as I prefer to initiate File > Import > Files & Folders actions manually. That fits my personal work habits, but others may love the Synchronize command.

Because of Spotlight and DEVONthink, I’ve gotten lazy and casual about most of my captured PDFs; I’ve decided that they don’t really need to be organized in the Finder in directories (folders). I’ve created a folder on my desktop called “PDFs to Process to DT - Action Import” and attached the “Action Import” folder action script to it. I just toss all the PDF files in there and they’re added as files to the DT database. Then they can just sit in the folder on the desktop for eternity for all I care. In DT I then either use “Classify” (which guesses the group correctly about 90% of the time now) or contextual menu “Move To” to put it where I want it in DT. If I need it in the Finder, Spotlight finds it right away (or use DT to locate/open it in the finder).

I probably shouldn’t be explaining how to be lazy, but it’s what I’m good at! I wonder if that would make a good consulting gig?


I’ve found it particularly handy for syncing iChat logs.

I noticed a synchronize action in the DevonThink Applescript library and have been fiddling with it. My intention is to make a trigger script that re-indexes an indexed folder ‘live’ when I click on it.

I’m pretty green with this stuff, so no luck so far – anyone have anything like that already cooked?

I’m with ChemBob. My organization of material is done in DT Pro and I don’t care about organization in the Finder. In fact, as I’m often moving between computers, the content of my database doesn’t exist outside the database package file.

Of course, that’s always true of the content I’ve captured from the Web or transferred from DEVONagent. Those files never existed in the Finder, external to my database package.

But if I wish, I can export my database contents to the Finder. The organization of files & folders will correspond to the organization I set up in my database.

Hi, thanks for your tip. Now, for a newbie, I don’t know how to attach a script to a folder.
Thanks for your help!