Are file-links persistent?

Are the DEVONthink URLs (x://devonthink/….) persistent, meaning that the URLs stay the same when they:
[]Get renamed
]Get moved from one folder to another folder (group) within the same database.
[*]Get moved from one database to another


Yes to all your questions.

Each document stored or indexed in your databases has a very complex collection of metadata that records numerous properties about that document, its location on disk and within the database, its name, its tags, etc. The core of the DEVONthink URL (real name: “reference URL”) is a unique identifier (“UUID”) – the string of numbers at the end of the reference URL. No other document (or group, or database, which have their own UUIDs) will have the same UUID. DEVONthink uses the UUID to keep track of document and its properties. You can change name, or location, but the UUID will never change.

… until you delete a document and empty the trash. Then it’s all gone.