Are OLD Fujitsu SnapScans recommended?

I don’t want to spend more than $300 for a SnapScan and I was wondering if someone could recommend an earlier model of the SnapScan that might still be on sale?

My understanding is that the new version comes with OCR but is similar to older versions. With DTPro Office I assume this is redundant…?

Also, any recommended outlets to buy them?

P.S. Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong forum!

The new ScanSnap does also not feature OCR but comes, like the old one, with Acrobat. The old ScanSnap runs fine with DEVONthink Pro Office, we’re using one, its just not as fast as the new one. So if you can get a used one, it’s definitely a good buy if it’s not too expensive. Unfortunately, we don’t know any good outlets for used scanners except for maybe eBay.

Thanks for the quick reply Eric! Can you tell me the model number you are using? Speed is not an issue for me.

It’s the FI-5110EOXM that is also available from the affiliate link in our online shop via Amazon. The new model is the S500M.

If you have an Intel mac, I will add that you should definitely go to the Fujitsu site and download the latest Scan Manager software (it will show up under the S500M machine’s support/download section). This version is a universal binary and works fines with the older FI-5110EOXM model.

Ditto the vote for the FI-5110EOXM. I have three of them (last one purchased days before the S500M was released!) and am thrilled with them. Plenty fast enough for my purposes.

I have the latest Scansnap S500M at work which I have been using with DTPO very successfully. I now want to get another Scansnap to use with the same computer (Powerbook) when its at home. I am thinking of getting the older Scansnap FI-5110EOXM because its much cheaper. Dose anyone know if there are likely to be any problems doing this - do the two Scansnaps use the same version of Scansnap Manager which can recognise which Scansnap model is plugged in automatically for example? Are there any other issues?

Many thanks in advance for advice

Actually, until the end of June, buying a S500M also gets you Readiris Pro 11 for free. There’s a coupon you need to send in, and you can get a copy of the coupon (pdf style) at most sites that sell the S500M.

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