Are others still experiencing "significant energy" use by the Clip to DEVONThink extension?

During the period when problems were being reported with the accurate indication of iCloud sync status in version 3.0 of DEVONThink, some also complained that the Clip to DEVONThink extension was using “Significant Energy” as reported by the Energy system menu.

This has continued to be the case for me in 3.0.1. The circumstances are completely repeatable: after I clip a web page in Formatted Note format, Activity Monitor will show periodic small CPU use spikes by the Clip to DEVONThink extension, and (most importantly) the decline in the remaining charge of the battery in my MacBook Pro is significantly accelerated if I leave DT running.

I’ve sent sample reports to Christian Grunenberg that I’ve tried to take during these CPU spikes, but he always responds that the samples show no CPU activity.

I’m wondering whether others are also seeing this energy use problem on Mac laptops, and whether collectively we might be able to send meaningful sample reports to the folks at DT so that they can track down this problem and fix it.

Yes, all the time, +800MB of RAM, even though I never use it.

It’s a background task used for various web-related tasks. It’s not the Safari extension.