Are real Smart Groups coming?

I searched the forums for answers to this and after 10 minutes didn’t have an answer. If I missed it, my apologies. Also looked for a product roadmap and didn’t see one of those, either.

I did read that there is a 2.x version coming at some point, probably delayed to the Leopard delay. Two questions: the lesser is, what is planned for that release? Where are the developers taking the product?

The more pressing question for me now is, are there plans to add formal Smart Group functionality? I realize I can add Smart Groups via the script menu, but they are not what I consider ‘real’ smart groups, ala smart folders or mailboxes in iTunes or Mail.

I’ve recently begun adopting GTD workflow concepts and in the process switched from PowerMail to Mail (with MailTags and Act On). I absolutely LOVE this new paradigm. Instead of having a complex folder structure, I dump everything I want to keep for reference into ‘Archive’ and then create Smart Mailboxes to sort things out. Very powerful, makes my life much easier.

So now I have that concept in place and I look at my DT folder structures and I am not a happy camper. But the current Smart Group functionality is too limited. I’d love, for example, to be able to create a smart group with the criteria of specified file type AND presence of certain key words AND a last modified date of a certain month/year.

I’m thinking about getting a ScanSnap scanner and starting to digitize some of the paper in my life, receipts being one category, and frankly I’m not sure DT Pro Office will handle my needs here. I’m taking a serious look at ReceiptWallet, which makes me think “what did I pay $150 for DT Pro Office for then?” Or perhaps I create separate Journler files and use it.

So, I’m evaluating how I both archive data, and how I store and access it and am re-evaluating which apps will best serve me here. I’ve used DT for years and love it, and recommend it to many people. But as my workflow is evolving, I’m having more trouble and cognitive dissonance using hard folder structures. If this is coming, very cool. If there are no plans to move in this direction, honestly, I may need to re-evaluate my use of DT Pro for any archiving process.

Yes, this will definitely come.

Christian, thank you.


As a 1.x release or not until 2.x?

And is there a link somewhere that addresses what will be coming in some fashion in 2.x?

I REALLY do not want to begin to fragment where I store stuff. I’d MUCH prefer to continue to use DT Pro Office, but if the answer is “sometime in 2008”, I’m not sure I’m willing to wait that long.

Perhaps I can find an intermediate solution that will allow import back into DT Pro once it gets there.

V2 will support this.

There’s no such link but already announced stuff includes (among others) the possibility to open multiple databases at the same time, a revised database & file handling, much more powerful searching, smart groups, higher performance & reduced memory usage and user interface enhancements.


I think I read a post from Bill saying that 2.0’s release date is tied to Leopard. Is that true? If so, I’m inferring that we’re 4-8 months out from seeing a 2.0 release?

I realize developers are loathe to give dates and am certainly not asking you to do so, just trying to get a general feel so I can plan my approach accordingly. Sounds like 2.0 will be exactly what I need. Just gotta figure out a strategy to make work between now and then.

Yes. V2 will drop support for Panther (10.3.9) and will be optimized for Tiger & Leopard (including the overdue Spotlight support).

The only thing I’m going to say is that it’s no bad guess :wink: