Are Safari Scripts Broken With DTPO2 ?

Is it my set up or are Safari scripts broken with DTPO2 ?. I have bought the DTPO2 upgrade and installed it. Do I have to do anything to upgrade the DTPO1 scripts or should they just work ?. I am particularly concerned with creating a web archive which is something I (used to) use a lot.



I am using the Safari bookmarklet packaged with DTPO2 pb1 to create and send webarchives to DTPO2.

Okay, thanks. I will re-load them and test.


Take a look at the DEVONthink 2 Services. There’s a convenient one for creating a WebArchive, with the keyboard shortcut Command-% (Command-Shift-5).

Note that if you first select just a portion of the displayed Web page, then invoke Command-%, the resulting WebArchive will be just the selected portion, not the entire page. Nice.

Remember, after installing a new application in the Applications folder, it’s necessary to logout/login or restart to “initialize” the Services for it.