Are tags considered when auto-classifying?

Does adding a tag to an item help DT place the item when auto-classifying?

No. This AI agent looks only at the text content of a document. The Name is not part of the content and is not considered.

I wouldn’t consider using Auto Classify until a database is already well-populated with content that is consistently classified within groups. An indication that a database has reached that stage will be that the Classify agent consistently makes filing suggestions that are acceptable to the user.

Thanks. That helps.

So, upon further consideration…

I can’t see a reason to use tags. Since DT allows replicants that can be filed in any number of organized folders, and then use those folders and the replicants they contain for useful actions like classification, why would I chose to use tags instead of replicating and filing?

Any thoughts?

One use of tags is when you want an additional layer of manual classification beside your organized folders. If your folders structure is as robust a taxonomy as you wish, then tagging probably adds no value. On the other hand, if you might want the possibility of on-the-fly organization (say, by using tags as predicates in a Smart Group), then tagging might have value. It’s entirely up to your individual concept of structure for your personal data.

A parallel question is “why use labels”?

Sure. Not trying to be argumentative, just really trying to get a handle on the best approach, and what the different options provide.

I used DT several years ago, and I’m back to again, since the advent of labels, so they seem strange and foreign to me. I appreciate all the help I can get!

I mostly use tags for temporary classifications, for instance tagging all files related to a particular project. That lets me build a project file independent of the database’s main subject-driven group structure.

I use labels primarily to indicate action items: things to read, things to track down at the library, etc.