Are we limited to only 1 seat

I have had an iMac as my sole device for 5 years. However recently I got M1 MacBook Air…

I tried to install Devonthink but it tells me I have too many seats and to remove a seat…?

How do I remove a seat?..but I only have 1 seat anyway ? Is Devonthink now limited to 1 seat? What is meant by a seat ? I dont really want to purchase another seat. It is inviting me to do that…but I already have purchased Devonthink?

It is all very confusing ?

You can check the currently used seats after logging into your account (see Help > Your User Account).

Thanks. Worked out how to do it…and removed the offending seat.

Weird that there is some random device using one of my seats that I have no idea who it is.

See here for a possible explanation.

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