Arranging by kind, sorting by most recent

At the top level of a database, I like to having my items grouped by kind so that my Inbox and Tags are at the top, followed by groups, and then all my text notes.

When arranging by kind, I need to sort ascending for my groups to be on top. But now all of my recent text notes are on the very bottom of the text group and I have to scroll way down.

Shouldn’t folders be on top when sorting by descending since they are normally at the top of a hierarchy?

Do you have DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Databases & Groups > Keep groups on top selected?

I have tried checking “keep groups on top” but that only applies when sorting by name. I want to sort by kind and have groups on top AND recent notes towards the top of the text group. Is this possible?

Not at this time but I wil file a feature request on it.


Sorting is, technically, not as flexible as on the Mac due to Core Data limitations. But what we suggest, and what would definitely be more consistent, would be to keep the section order when sorting by Kind but sort ascending or descending within the sections.

Thanks for the update on this! Fantastic customer support.

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