Artificial Intelligence

My experience is that the “auto classify” AI feature ignores group/file names when considering how to classify an item.

Is there a way to change this so “auto classify” will, for example, put an item with the name “albert einstein on peace” into a group/file named “albert einstein” ?

You might not like the results if DEVONthink worked that way. You might have a group named “Albert Einstein”, and I might have exactly the same documents as you but my group is named “18790314-19550418 AE”. Both are very reasonable group names, from our respective points of view, but AI is going to fail in one case and succeed in another. The DEVONthink AI focuses on content and not much on metadata because it is the content that matters and not the metadata. Metadata is frequently only obscurely related to the content – or not at all.

Thanks for your reply, Korm. Much appreciated.