Assistance with Inbox and security

I currently keep my database in an encrypted truecrypt container. however, I recently imported new files that were placed in the global inbox which of course is NOT secure. I found the preference setting to import to current, open database. My question is can I remove the global inbox? Can the global inbox be placed somewhere else (ie encrpyted disc image)? I like the program but my main priority is security of my files.

Where can I find more info on the global inbox and how to disable it.


Currently, if the Global Inbox is deleted, it will be recreated by DEVONthink Pro/Office.

Comment: Data security involves procedures that, if not followed, will reduce security. For example, if you have deleted a sensitive document in the database, then empty database trash, you need to remember to use a secure delete procedure to empty the System Trash.

Does the Global Inbox still have value even if you have changed the Preferences > Import - Destination setting? I think so.

  1. New documents created by external applications, such as a word processor or spreadsheet,can be saved directly to the Global Inbox rather than first to the Finder.

  2. Some scan/OCR procedures result in sending searchable PDFs to the Global Inbox rather than to another destination.

A procedure to move content from the Global Inbox to a secure database prior to closing the secure database would maintain the data security of documents sent to the Global Inbox.

While I suspect that it would be possible to automate that procedure, it can also be as simple as manually invoking ‘Move To’ on the selected contents of the Global Inbox before closing the sensitive database and dismounting its container.