Assorted Q's


I’m interested in moving to a ‘paperless’ office, and I’ve read Joe Kissell’s book on doing just that. He endorsed Devonthink, but I have some questions before making the jump.

  1. Under the support page, when clicking the Devonthink assistant, I get an error page.

  2. In another forum topic, someone mentions tutorial video’s, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere on the support site. Are they under the assistant link that is broken as mentioned above?

  3. I have a Macbook Pro and iMac that I would like to use with DT. How many computers can I install and use DT on with one license?

  4. Related to # 3, there are multiple mentions in the forums about the release of some sort of sync solution for DT. Six months ago the devs were saying ‘later this year’. What is the likely release window for the sync software?

  5. If I downloaded and used DTPO to create and test a database, would I then be able to use one of the lesser DT products if I decided DTPO was overkill for my needs, and still open the database I created? In other words, if I use DTPO during the trial and scan 100 docs, and then decide I only need to purchase DT Personal, will the Personal version be able to open the database I’ve already created?

  6. Finally, my initial desire on starting this was to get my file cabinet scanned and cleaned out. Then have those scanned docs OCR’d and put into some sort of management application for easy access etc. Being a newbie to all this, my initial impression is I only need DT Personal in combination with my new Scansnap 1500m to make this happen (using the 1500m software to complete the OCR). But it appears online and in the forums that everyone uses DTPO (I don’t think I saw a single reference online of someone using anything other than DTPO from the DT line). I see that I could use DTPO to directly scan from the Scansnap, but am I missing something else that makes DTPO the vastly superior product? Is the DTPO OCR conversion superior to the included software w/ the 1500m? Does it dramatically reduce the workflow in some other area? I’ve looked at the comparison chart, what’s the obvious feature(s) that I’m missing that’s not jumping out at me from the comparison chart?

Some of the above I will probably figure out for myself once I download the trial, but I wanted the answer to #5 above before I downloaded one of the DT versions.

Thanks ahead for any replies.


Regarding #5:

Thanks for the reply. Did you mean regarding #6? As I mentioned in #6, I’ve been through the comparison table, many times. The comparison table however does not answer my #5 question above.