Attach documents to notes

I use DTP to take all my meeting notes and track and documents for projects I am working on. One feature that that is missing from my perspective is a way to easily associate a document with a note.

For example, I take rich text notes in meeting. Commonly, someone will have a handout in the meeting that I scan after the fact. The document is not very interesting to me as a stand alone item. However, when I read my meeting notes, I would like to be able to see any handouts that were provided in the meeting.

I may be missing something simple, but it would be great if this was easier.


  • Jesse

Import the documents into DTP via scanner, email, Finder, whatever. From there you can copy the item link using Edit->Copy Item Link, or right-click and choose Copy Item Link, or the keyboard shortcut ctrl+opt+command+c. Now just paste into your RTF note, and it’ll paste in the name of the copied document as a link.