attach selected files to email

I wonder if there is a way to attach for example a selected pdf file to an email. Of course, it’s possible to do this by drag&drop but since I often have DT and Mail on different Spaces I would like to have the possibility to do this with a few mouse clicks.

I cannot remember if this is a DTPO-only feature or not, but if you right-click on a file or files in DTPO you have the option to ‘Send by Email’ which will open a new email in Mail with the file(s) attached to the message.

I have DTP 2 and I don’t have this option. Isn’t there a way to do this with the help of a script? I don’t know anything about AppleScript but maybe it’s possible.

I thought that might be the case. DTPO has some really nice email functionality and I often forget what features are unique to the Office version.

You mention that you can drag and drop the items, but that with Spaces that involves more mouse clicks. I don’t use Spaces myself, but I cannot recall why that would require more mouse clicks? Can’t you drag the PDF to Mail’s Dock icon, regardless of which Space Mail is running in?

Well, ok. Didn’t think about that option.Yes, it works :wink:
Thank you