Attach "spacebar" key as one of the shortcut keys to a DT's script?

I understand that we can attach keys shortcut to a script under the DT’s script menu, such as “thescript____Ctrl-Alt-F”. But can the spacebar key be used as one of the combinations?

System Preferences uses ‘Space’ as the symbol, so you could try that, if you haven’t already.

But… I’ve just tried it on a template and I can’t find a combination using Space which isn’t already used, so it’s difficult to know whether it’s failing or simply being overridden…

Thanks for the suggestion. Currently, I get around this by using BTT (or any keyboard shortcut programs I guess) to assign space+some keys to send the shortcut Ctrl-Alt-F to DT3. But if the shortcut can be attached to the name of script directly, that will be more convenient.

As far as I know, Space isn’t a modifier key by default so Space + something, rather than Modifiers + Space, isn’t going to work, unless you use BTT as you do (or Karabiner, as I do).

I use Karabiner Elements to play around with the modifier set up (for example, I use it to have the Return key act as Enter on single tap, and Control when it’s held down). I think you can modify the space bar in the same way, but all that would be doing is emulate existing modifiers rather than adding a new one for use in shortcuts, wouldn’t it?

Got it. Thanks for the tips.

Ah, I’d wait for an expert to chime in before being satisfied with my answers😀 I’m just speculating along with you…