Attaching file to document

Hi all,

Does anyone has any idea about how to use devonthink to attach one file to another.

For example, we have 3 markdown files a, b and c.

I would like b and c to only be attached to a but not shown otherwise. Is that possible?


Welcome @tychem

It’s unclear what you mean by “attach” or files “not being shown otherwise” Please calrify what you’re specifically trying to accomplish.

Thank you for your timely reply.

I meant that I want document b and c to be of a reference for document a, but they shouldn’t be visible normally, nor should they turn up in search results, etc. In brief, they should only be visible when I click on a certain part of document A

You’re welcome.

No, this is not possible.
Do you have this functionality in another application?

For example, if I can use org-attach in org mode, or I can attach a document to a note in onedrive by simply dragging and dropping. I imagine this would be a pretty common thing in note taking applications?

How about inserting hyperlinks in document A

But then b and c would still be visible to me :slight_smile:

You can‘t make a record invisible in DEVONthink. But you can of course

  • use links in your record
  • store all linked records in one group
  • exclude this group from search (via inspector)

and then never open this group :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why you want invisible documents, and no this is definitely not something common.

PS: DEVONthink is not merely a “notetaking application”.