Attachments in imported mails inaccessible

Hello. After importing mails to Devonthink Pro 2.8.9 manually (new folder, drag mails from Apple Mail into that folder), mail attachments are displayed, but inaccessible. I can neither view them in Devonthink, nor open them in any way. I don’t suppose that’s the way it’s supposed to be. What need be done here? Thanks

Select View > Text Alternative. You can set viewing as a preference in Preferences > Email.


thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the item View > Text Alternative is grey and inactive, and Preferences hold no entry named Email (it’s General, Editing, Import, Sorter, Media, Colors, Web, RSS, Sync, Backup, Update). Maybe we’re not talking about the same application? Mine is DEVONthink Pro, not Office.


Sorry, I missed that. Email support in Pro is minimal compared to Pro Office. Note: You can drag and drop attachments directly from the email into DEVONthink Pro.