Attachments to gmail files

ive imported all my gmail files into DTP — some of these have pdf attachments – but i am not able to open these in DTP???

How are you attempting to open them?

by clicking on the link

jim - any guidance on how to diagnose this?

Did you double-click the link? If not, do that.

yes i do double-click – and the file does not open - this also happens with .doc files

Do you see the same behavior when double-clicking it in View > Document Display > Best Alternative?

Best Alternative does not appear – only Preview, side-by-side and Source

  • Are you running DEVONthink 3 Standard?
    • If so, email support isn’t included in it. Email support is part of the Pro and Server editions.

no its Pro 3.5.2

Those options are incorrect for en imported email. You would only see those options when view HTML or Markdown files, not emails.
Verify the type of document you are viewing.

its HTML – so im guessing that means i did not import correctly

can you tell me where to find protocol for importing gmail with .pdf and .doc attachments?

Help > Documentation > In & Out > Archiving Emails covers importing emails in DEVONthink’s Import sidebar.