Audio and Video in DTPO

I like the new beta very much (pdf annotation, note taking, very cool), but one thing still puzzles me:

When I save a Quicktime audio file (.mow) in my database, and I then click it in the group, it immediatly starts to play, no chance to stop it, because the regular play and pause buttons don´t exist.

When I save a quicktime video (.mov) in my database, that’s fine, I can start it when I want, and stop it, when I want.

Why not the audio?

Any solution?

See: No Quicktime controls in DTPO beta?

Yes I know, but I had hoped, that something has changed meanwhile and I wondered why it is possible in Video but not in Audio.

With Snow Leopard and Quicktime 10 the behaviour has changed now, fortunately. Now, with QT-audio files it is possible to pause and start it in DTPO like videos.