Audio Logging Solution?

I wonder if DEVONThink Pro is the best tool for this:

I want to walk to my machine, hit a button, record some audio; speech. On completion of the recording, I want to type in a title, perhaps a few tags, save it and walk away. I’d like the task to last about 5 seconds longer that it takes to actually speak.

DT is the only program (other than some under-the-radar utilities like Quickeys, that is running 100% of the time my computer is on, so it seems like the best choice.

Can it do something like this, particularly the recording part, by itself? Or do I have to run another program to record, go to the Finder to drag it in to DT and so on and so forth?

All ideas welcomed, even hare-brained schemes. Just note that my intent is to cut DOWN on the keyboard, running programs, wrist-and-shoulder interaction, etc.

– Gerry

Not yet. But there are plans to add this to a future release.