Audio Recording / Palm sync

Hi there,

I found out about devonthink two days ago, and it’s exactly what i planned to program, as i couldn’t find something like that… :slight_smile: So i’m gonna test this. But it seems to be exactly what i want. ;D

So yesterday, while sitting in a lecture i had this idea of an audio recorder (the powerbooks mic is fine for lectures). You record the whole lecture and each note you write down, each link you add during the lecture is automatically linked to the audio bit that goes with it. Of course it would automatically compress it to ogg or mp3.

This would make it much easier to understand ones notes after a couple of weeks, even if you try to write all the essential bits down, notes become hard to understand after you lost connection to the topic for a while.

Are there any plans to get a small version on a Palm? Maybe an option for Groups which would sync to/from a palm (as the whole database might be too big)

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cheers, kev

You were going to write an application like DT because you needed it ?  
Well, then God bless you !

As far as the Palm Sync goes, I wonder if that’s the “Atomic Bomb” of all notebook/organizer/outliner applications. I’ll bet it’s on the request list of all of them, and whoever does it first will get a tidal wave of favorable attention.

It must be fairly difficult if no one has done it yet.

I’ve started using MacNoteTaker, and it’s working out fairly well so far. I import my notes from it into DT every few days.

Anyway, I think it would be right in line with DT’s mission, and not a feature bloat to have Palm Sync. It’s still storing, searching and accessing your documents.


Thanks for the suggestions. Both Palm sync and voice notes will be probably added to version 2.0 (and the possibility to export notes to iPods too).

I would love to see these features also. Currently for palm i’m using a program called iPalmMemo Its available from the services menu and while you can’t to groups, you can at least do documents to read and such.