Audit Contents of a DTdb for completness

I have a DTdb with some 900 files that was created in a previous version of DT. Over time I stopped using DT (it didn’t work with Keynote) so there are now a significant number of files on my HD that are not yet included in my DTdb. I have upgraded the old DTdb to a DT2Pro db and now need to add the missing files but how do I confirm which files need to be added? Any suggestions on how best to accomplish this task other than checking the 1,300 files on my HD one-by-one?

Should I just start over and add all the files in a new db and redo all the replicants (this would be a major undertaking as the original 900 files are extensively replicated across some 140 groups (no tags)).

I posted a separate question about converting the existing 900 files from “imported” to “indexed” so perhaps the solution can encompass both issues.

Please advise.

This discussion might be useful: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11358