“Author information” pop up in pdf annotator? How?

I left my fingers on the bottom edge of the screen and this thing popped up with my iPad device name. I’ve never seen it before and I wonder how to get it back?

That should appear the first time you enter an annotation. If you dismissed it, there’s no way to initiate it again (as it’s not a required value).

Edit: I wrote…

This is actually incorrect. The option is there but there’s no place to set it after the fact. We are discussing adding an option for setting the PDF Author. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Thank you! What counts as annotation? I’ve never seen it before and I’d scribbled all over that particular pdf (and a bunch of others). I just tried it on my phone, and it came up after a long press on one virgin pdf but not another. It seems sporadic?

It should appear only after the first time you press Edit and select some type, add a note, etc.