Auto classification not working as I'd expect

not sure if this is a result of a problem with the app or user misunderstanding.

First, the options in Preferences don’t match the user documentation. There is no pref/notes tab. So the closest I’ve seen is I go to pref/import and at the bottom select the tab “…and automatically classify”, and then check the box beneath it “select and display automatically”.

then I’m bringing in new rtf notes from web pages by entering command-A to select all, then entering shift/command/) to capture the selection as a new rtf note. The app does one of three things in this scenario, apparently randomly:

  1. it will do what i’d expect, put the new note into a group and then open the group and display the new note.

  2. put the new note into a group but not display anything, so i have no idea where it put it. i then have to do a search on a keyword from the doc to find it.

  3. puts the new note at the bottom of the group list, not in any group, and displays the new note.

I can’t quite determine why it will do one vs another. Is this the way the app is supposed to behave? I can see it not putting the note into a group if it didn’t have confidence in the assignment, but it doesn’t seem that it should ever classify the note, put it into a group and then not display it.


this has got to be a bug. If it’s not, it’s certainly a design flaw.

hopefully it’ll be fixed in DT Pro.

by the way, is the DT Pro beta available to anyone or just to selected beta testers? I plan on upgrading when it’s available, shoot, if it’s relatively stable I’ll pay the upgrade fee now to start playing with it.

it is a private beta.

the features in common between PE and Pro were brought into sync in 1.9.x.

#1 is what it should do, #2 not and #3 is what happens when DEVONthink isn’t sure where to put it. So, it simply puts it into the root level of your database.

Can you send me (by e-mail) an example of an RTF note that DT will classify but not show (scenario #2)?



thanks for the response Eric. next time it does it I will send it along. of the stuff in my db, i don’t remember which ones it did that with.

… but it doesn´t depend on the RTF-doc. I´ve created some RTF-Notes via “services” from this Forum . All of my notes where classified in the Group DT-Help (correct) - but non of them was shown after the import! So I had to search manually for them. Also I´ve created RTF-Notes from other sites - same.

I can reproduce the error every time and it doesen´t depends on Safari, even with OmniWeb, Adressbook, MT-Newswatcher this strange behaviour appears.

Have you checked the “Select automatically” checkbox at the bottom of the “Import” tab in the preferences?



that’s what we’re talking about.

i have that box checked. sometimes after auto classifying it shows me where it put it, and sometimes it doesn’t.

it’s a bug.

Autoclassify does not (yet) reveal the classified documents (can be more than one) and therefore the visibility after the classification depends currently on the expansion state of the destination group.

good point about the possibility of there being more than one doc to reveal.

perhaps a log that auto displays that shows what group each doc was moved to, then if you click on the log entry it links to the doc.

Hallo Eric,
hallo Christian,

yes, the checkbox is checked indeed.
I`ve worked today with this wunderful tool at all, but even after imprting some PDFs they were correct classified but non shown.

Like rmathes, I´m believing it´s a bug. It happens eyerytime and doesn´t belong to RTF-Files - even with PDFs I can reproduce this bug (?).