Auto-Classification not working well


I’m using DT to capture every nearly 20 Articles with the Sherlock Plugin “Spiegel DerTag” (and a lot of other stuff, but that’s daily routine).

Auto-Classification was pre-1.9 not working good, because I couldn’t exclude groups (I only want my “Articels” group working with auto-classification).

This problem is now solved in 1.9, because I can exclude the rest of the groups. But in this articles-group are some sub-groups like “Inland & EU”, “Ausland”, “Sport”, e.g…

Every group has nearly 250 - 1500 Documents but the auto-classifaction doesn’t work well. It refuses the claffication by Service-Menue-Import. If I do it manually the correct category is in over 90 % of the cases on top.

How can I solve this problem? Or must i ungroup the whole category “articles” and make a solid import-reference to this folder. This wouldn’t be the perfect way, because I like the “Ressorts” for a better search.


Ralf, Münster

PS: Excuse my bad english.


actually auto-classification isn’t optimized for that large groups, it’s intended for small and/or specific groups. Therefore creating subgroups might solve the problem (as groups containing up to 1500 documents are quite diffuse for DT).