Auto Classify after restore not working

Hello folks,

The HDD in my iMac recently gave up and I replaced it with an SSD, then restored the most current TimeMachine backup. Everything worked out fine, I can see all my documents, except that Auto Classify no longer works.

What am I missing?


Are you sure you have the current version of DEVONthink installed?

Try to Verify & Repair, and then Rebuild a database. Auto Classify depends on the metadata that DEVONthink places inside special folders in your database package, and it is not impossible that your databases were corrupted by your computer failure and restoration process.

Personally, I would never rely on Time Machine for database backup – many folks have no problem – but Time Machine can corrupt data and there are several TM bugs in High Sierra.

I did a database rebuild and all is fine, once again :slight_smile:.