Auto-Classify for groups and tags


I already searched the forum and the relation between groups and tags to auto-classify has been discussed several times. However, I failed to detect the answer to my question.

I’m using DevonThink for organizing my research pdfs with annotations, excerpts, etc. In order to use the auto classify feature, I thought, I set up a nice classification of a proportion of my papers, then the rest should be classified automatically.

Therefore, having read tags are groups in disguise, I started tagging a couple of hundred documents and organized the tags hierarchically.

After some weeks I wanted to try out auto-classify and found that this feature only recognizes groups - not tags. So I replicated all tags into a group, hoping to turn them into groups themselves.
This worked, however, they vanished as tags. They vanished in the sense that when I wanted to tag a novel document, auto-complete doesn’t work anymore for those tags, which I replicated into groups.

Here are my two questions:

  1. why doesn’t auto-classify work with tags?
  2. why does auto-completion for tags vanish when I replicate my tags into groups?

A further question: how do others set up their data base for using auto-classify: don’t you use tags? How can you effortlessly put a document into various groups (as comfortably as if you were using tags with auto-completion)?

A long post, thanks for your support,