Auto classify from Global Inbox (or similar, terminology!?)

My use case is probably slightly different from the intended purpose of DT…

On a regular basis I import a whole bunch of emails (attachments are extracted and imported too by scripts), Documents, Downloaded information etc…

Currently I have around 450 odd documents to sort through, now normally this is a breeze once I get them sorted into the relevant database. My Question is: Can I use the classification algorithms from the global inbox to sort through it and get the documents into the relevant databases easily?

This is the only sticking point in my workflow, other than that things would be flawless!

Any good suggestions or solutions to this problem?

This is not yet possible but an upcoming release will support all open databases.

Just wondering if this will be in DTPO 2.0.4 or is that scheduled for a much later release?

I would really like this as well!

Most of the time I have things in my global inbox that should be classified to different databases. I like having separate databases for different projects, and now I have to drag my stuff from the global inbox into the right database, and then classify it again…