Auto-classify help

Hi everyone. I have a database that I call “searchable PDFs,” which automatically indexes/updates from Dropbox each time I open in.

I’d like to use auto-classify on those docs. But I need to do that on replicated files. That is, if I move a file from the DTPO/Dropbox synced folder, any files that are moved out of the sync folder will be re-indexed. (right?) And since I’m now hitting over 1000 pdfs, that’s not efficient.

Any ideas on how to create replicants and then do an auto-classify? (Hoping this makes sense).

No, they will not be reindexed just by moving them to another group in the database. Indexed documents remain indexed and linked from the originating folder in the Finder/filesystem, unless you choose to convert them from indexed to imported. Note that this assumes that the indexed documents remain in the same database-you cannot move them to another database and automatically maintain the relationship.

Thanks so much for this.

Could someone give me tips on how to handle files across databases? I have things that need to live in more than one database.