Auto Classify issue

I have noted an unusual and new issue with Auto and Classify. If you take a look at the pic, when you choose a document, all auto suggestions are highlighted together as if I did a command-A. Then when you click in the selection box all of them turn blue. I could not get a screen shot of that because when you take your cursor off off DevonThink Pro, the blue turns back to what it looks like on the pic. Has anyone else seen this?

Kim Marietta

Mac Book Pro 13" notebook (Mid 2010 -Aug 2010), 2.8GHz, 8GB, OS X 10.6.7
Fujitsu S1300 Safari 5.0.5, Text Expander Devon office Pro 2.1.1

DEVONthink is automatically selecting the best matching groups (usually one). But in this case a lot of groups seem to be suitable.