Auto flush to disk?

How often does 1.9 Auto flush to disk? The Preference pane has been removed, despite this qoute from the new manual:
"Another possibility is to tell DEVONthink to save modified documents at specified intervals, see “Preferences… > Database > Auto flush to disk every…”


I believe that’s referenced in the Version History file. DT now takes care of flushing data to disk for you, to reduce possible problems from a power failure, kernal panic, etc.

So data protection is better than ever. :smiley:

If so then it failed on me tonight twice already. While Indexing a large folder of files DT kept freezing: had to force quit twice, it quit itself another time. Each time, folders that had been indexed a few minutes previously, in a seperate indexing action, were lost and not in DT upon rebooting DT. The crashes seem to have come from one Word file, once I narrowed it to that things went OK, but the autoflushing is not happenning immediately - would like to know how often…

Moses, I am working with the beta (alpha) of DT since June or so, my database is almost 3 GB, with nearly 8000 files in the file folder alone. Although there were crashes two times which forced me to rebuild the database, none of the previous changes was lost. Did you check your hardware?

Since you could repeat the crashes it might be a good idea to send a more detailed report and the file that causes the crash to the developer, he will check it. Remember, ver 1.9 is beta. It may crash - but it does not delete your data. I think any of the beta testers would agree in that.


I don’t think it “deleted” it, rather that it had not been flushed to disk before the crash occurred and therefore it was just lost by being “unsaved” at the time of crash. The data in question had only been added minutes before, probably less than 3, which in 1.8 was the fastest you could have it flush to disk. Thus, I am still wondering, how often does 1.9 actually save the data to the disk since there is no Preference choice for this anymore?

And yes, it did seem to be a file problem on my end. Don’t know why though. The file is quesiton functions just fine on it’s own. After the two crashes, began running Backup and Optimize after each large Indexing. Which is probably a good practice anyways.

The behaviour of DT Pro is somewhat different as DT Pro flushs its cache almost immediately.

DT PE on the other hand writes modifications every 3 minutes back to disk but not during an ongoing process like importing/indexing (the preference has been removed as some users disabled this option in the past).

Finally, a crash log and the file causing the crash could be very useful to fix the problem as neither importing/indexing nor exporting should crash.

Thank you Christian, that answers my question fully. I will just hit “Backup and Optimize” everytime after I do any major importing so that the data is saved immediately, especially when doing a series of Imports/Indexes. I’ll see if I can get you the troublesome file for your analysis.