Auto font color lightening for Dark Mode?

I would call this a Feature Request except that it is a systematic problem. ALL legible font colors are too dark in Dark Mode. Why not lighten all font colors some fixed percent, like other programs do. Scrivener, for example.

So I’m pasting my text into a Scrivener window just to work on it. Then I realized—DT can do this.

Colors that look good in normal mode (against white) are way too dark in Dark Mode—illegibly so. Behold:

Thanks for reading.

The request is noted. However, you can always disable Preferences > General > Appearance > Use dark backgrounds for documents.

What kind of documents do you use?


For example, the standard set of colors for text—red, purple, blue, green—which look good against white, are too dark to be legible in Dark Mode. Other writing apps (Scrivener, for example) automatically lighten font colors when users switch to Dark Mode, so that they can be read in that mode. This helpful lightening might be automatic (part of the Apple developer library).