Auto Fullscreen in Lion

Hey there, this is just a very little nitpick but I’m curious:

I always like to use DTP in Fullscreen mode. When I put it in Fullscreen, and quit and later open it up again, it’ll go to fullscreen automatically again. However, if I restart, I have to put it manually in Fullscreen again (it won’t default to it like Safari does if you just leave it in Fullscreen all the time).

Just wondering if it’s just me? Is there a setting I’m missing? It’s obviously not terribly important, I was just curious. :slight_smile:

Hi, Nat.

The easiest way to do this in virtually all programs is to hold down the option key when you quit. Even Safari doesn’t restore consistently unless I do this.

Good luck,

Tom S.

Thanks. =)

Well, Safari always goes to fullscreen since over a month for me since I put it in Fullscreen without any problem. I don’t tend to hold down any keys when restarting my machine though (as I like DTP to open automatically, I don’t tend to close it before a restart). I was just curious and, as I said, it’s not exactly an important issue. :slight_smile: