Auto Import archived E-Mails

Hi guys,

I‘m currently trying DEVONthink and I‘m really impressed!
I was experimenting with the import of mails with rules in Apple mail.
My question now is, is there any way to automatically import emails based on a rule which I archived on the iPhone before?

So e.g.: I have a rule which executes the import mail to DEVONthink script on emails which contain „bill“ in the subject.
If I receive a bill during the day and archive the mail on my iPhone, it’s not imported to DEVONthink later when I open my Mac.
Is this somehow possible with another setup? Or do i need to leave the email in the inbox?

Apple Mail’s rules are not triggered on the Mac anymore after processing the email on the iPhone first, therefore one solution might be to handle everything only on the Mac. Another possibility is to use a dedicated email address just for automatic archiving via rules, then you could redirect or forward the emails on the iPhone to this address to trigger the rule later on the Mac.

Keep it stupid simple… thanks this is great!