Auto import from a monitored folder?


How do I setup a folder monitor to auto import files to DT3? Can that be setup on 2 computers? Can you monitor different folders and based on the folder import to a specific database/folder?


I use the Mac OS feature called Folder Actions
It executes an Applescript when new files are detected

Devonthink supplies the script to import the file
It can be modified to fit your requirements

You could simply index the folder. If that’s not sufficient and you really want to import the items to the database, then a smart rule could move the items into the database and to the desired database/group.

Are these 2 methods better than dropping files to the folder /Users/user/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox? Also, where can I find the DT script for import file. I do not see it in the scripts menu? Thanks

What’s wrong with dropping files there?

You could always put an alias to that folder at any location which might be more convenient. Apple documents how to do alias folders found by a quick internet search.

From the user documentation
“Folder Actions

Folder actions are scripts that you can attach to folders in the Finder. These act on all items you add to these “hot folders.” When you add items, the operating system detects the added files and runs any folder actions attached to the folder.

The actions supplied by DEVONthink are installed in ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts, and you can add your own scripts to this directory, as needed. For everyday use and exploration, here are the folder action scripts provided by DEVONthink:

DEVONthink - Import: Imports files into your databases.
DEVONthink - Import & Delete: Imports files into your database, and moves the files to the trash afterwards.
“DEVONthink - Import to selected group: Imports files to the currently selected group.
DEVONthink - Index: Index files to your database, creating links to the original items in the Finder.
DEVONthink - Index to selected group: Index files to the currently selected group in your database.
DEVONthink - Import, OCR & Delete: Imports files into your database, converts them to searchable PDFs if necessary, and moves the files to the trash afterwards.
Attaching a folder action

To attach a folder action script to a folder, do the following:

Excerpt From
DEVONthink Documentation
Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann
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