Auto import from Notes


I would like to automatically import notes from Apple Notes App. I would like a shared notes folder to be monitored (similar to inbox monitoring) and automatically import the notes to DT3 and delete from notes. Is this possible? What I am trying to accomplish is to scan documents as PDFs from a Fujitsu Scansnap. Thanks

Do you need Notes for this workflow?
My scan process stores the pdfs in Devonthink’s Inbox folder for automatic import

I have that setup as well. The issue is when the scanner is setup on wifi (I like to keep it in the kitchen, not next to computer), when I hit the scan, it sends to desktop but until I accept the scan and check a box, I can not scan another page…

I still don’t know how Apple Notes is involved in the process :thinking:

Apple’s Notes is not storing files. It is an underlying Core Data structure that makes for easier syncing between macOS and iOS via iCloud. It also means there’s “no folder to monitor / index” into DEVONthink.

I understand. Good points. Thanks Bluefrog…

You’re welcome.

PS: Apple Notes’ AppleScript support is pretty broken and not very useful or I would have headed down that road. :slight_smile: